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Tried it Tuesday – Slimpressions


I bring an in-depth review of a product every Tuesday. My product today is Slimpressions. This is undergarment shapewear that is supposed to make you look slimmer. Yay! There are 5 different Slimpressions tops to choose from as well as other products, but I want to talk about what I got.

Skinny Minis – This is a camisole that gives you upper body control.

The Haves – This one slims your arms (you know…the flab that flaps when you wave), upper body, and pushes your ta-ta’s up to give you a little more cleavage.

The Have-Nots – This slims your upper arms, upper body but scoops down below your ta-ta’s to let the real deal show for themselves.

When my package arrived, I was super excited! I ripped it open and pulled out 3 of the littlest pieces of fabric that I have seen since my girls were teeny-tiny. Uh-oh…how was I going to fit into one of these?

Maddie laughed at the thought! They looked really short too…I hate wearing a cami that keeps riding up. I looked them over, read the directions – you have to step into them, then slide them up. Seriously? I checked the size…yep, they sent the right size.

Here goes nothing….I wiggled the Skinny Mini up and adjusted it into place. Guess what? It fit perfectly! Nice and long (it actually went down to my behind) and it felt like it was holding everything into place. The true test would be wearing it for a while.

Yesterday I put on the Have-Not to wear. This one has sleeves that go down to your elbows. I put it on and wondered if I would really be comfortable in it all day long. I liked that it felt like it was making me stand up straighter, but was worried that it would feel constricting after a while. I pulled my jeans on over it and was floored…they were very loose. The shapewear by Slimpressions actually made my jeans one size too big!!

I’m not kidding…seriously. After wearing it for about an hour I actually forgot that I had it on and never gave it a second thought…until I received a compliment.

I had two people ask me if I had lost weight, and one person tell me that my boobs looked bigger!! Again, seriously. Can you believe it? I’m sold! They are seamless, have mesh armpits, and truly hide your muffin-top. I couldn’t even figure out where it put mine…I expected a little roll to pop out of the bottom of it…nope, it was gone!

The Halves, The Have-Nots, and the Skinny Mini. This is good stuff.

Katy Shops

Raving Fan!